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Carpenters Anchor Fluor Maintenance for Big Cajun II Outage

Quality, timeliness, and safety—all are essential components of a construction job well done. In New Roads, Louisiana, those elements are part of the DNA for scaffold workers from the Central South Carpenters Regional Council (CSCRC), as they complete scaffold work on outages at NRG Energy’s Big Cajun II electric power plant.

Fluor Maintenance, which manages the outages for NRG, is used to having that caliber of work from the Central South Carpenters, and they say they wouldn’t have it any other way. The CSCRC “responded to Fluor’s needs in providing more than 80 trained, qualified, experienced scaffold erectors for the job,” said a Fluor representative at Big Cajun II.

“They had the proper certifications, they worked in a safe manner, they executed the job on schedule, and they helped make this a very successful project.”

In fact, the performance of the CSCRC workforce is part of the reason that Fluor won an Associated Maintenance Contractors’ National Annual Safety Recognition Award, for all General Presidents’ Project Maintenance Agreement (GPPMA) jobs.

Maintenance of Big Cajun II’s three steam units occurs when a unit’s boiler cavity is cooled down. Scaffolding is built inside the cavity to accommodate the workers who will perform routine repairs and upkeep.

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Members at Work
Members at Work