UBC Issues Letter to Congress in Opposition to the Save Local Business Act

United Brotherhood of Carpenters' General President Douglas J. McCarron recently sent a letter to Congress, expressing opposition to HR 3441  which is also called the Save Local Business Act. Introduced in July, the bill is meant to clarify the treatment of two or more employers as joint employers under the National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

"It will provide a safe haven for unscrupulous contractors in the construction industry who use a system of subcontractors to deliberately shield themselves from liability for abusing workers and stealing jobs away from law-abiding businesses, even as they knowingly profit from it," Mr. McCarron wrote. "Despite its name, HR 3441 is a blueprint to violate the law and drive law-abiding employers out of business and make it more difficult for working men and women to reach the middle class. The law needs to protect workers and responsible businesses - not put them in jeopardy."

Read Mr. McCarron's letter here.